2016 was a busy year for me. I wanted to make it an amazing one and my dream was fulfilled. I had an amazing 2016, travelling to 6 countries adding 3 new cities to see and explore with Czech Republic , Hungary and Belgium , specifically the cities of Prague and Budapest and some small communities in Flanders in Belgium.

The highlight of my travel was of course my return to my country once again, the Philippines and be with my only child and the visit to the other half of my family in Texas to see my 83 year old mom once again and a bonus which was to be the brides maid for the first time for my sister's wedding which was held in Washington and another bonus for us afterwards the wedding - a road trip from Washington to Texas passing thru 8 American States. It was truly a wonderful journey with one of my brothers , a niece, my 3 sisters , my mom and my new brother-in-law in USA and of course my 3-long months of stay in the Philippines with my only child and 2 months with my mommy

It was such a busy year that I didnt spend much time adding articles into the glossary, but travel, eat, pray and make lots of pictures for the glossary which I wanted to add this year.

I have learned to cook and taste some of the traditional food/dishes of Belgium, particularly Flanders and taste new food in Czech Republic. I am not into eating lately as I am controlling my weight increase, but i tried to taste bits and pieces of the food which I am so curious about when I visited these countries.

In the Philippines, I visited some of these so called "wet markets" once again. I went back to my roots and enjoyed the wonderful sights, sound and smell of the food on sale. I will be adding some pictures soon of these amazing adventures of mine. I am excited to work again on the glossary, particularly to add the many pictures I took for you to enjoy, too.

Below is a picture of one of the local eateries found in the Philippines called Turo-Turo where ready-cooked meals/dishes are offered in pots or any covered food containers for the customers to choose from from early morning until dinner time, sometimes some of them are open 24 hours for evening travellers, mostly blue collar employees and drivers. There are lots of traditional every day dishes to choose from. I am a fan of these eateries, but carefully choosing where to go. I love their pork barbecues, most especially