Okra is a Filipino word for Okra or lady's finger in English. Okra is the long, slender fruits of the okra plant that is eaten in the Philippines, most Asian countries and Arabic countires. It is a very popular vegetable among the Filipinos, as it can be simply boiled in water with a little salt and served with Bagoong Isda (fish paste) and Kalamansi (local citrus) serving as dipping sauce , a good side dish for cooked rice (Kanin ) and Pritong Isda (fried fish) Usually, Okra is used in Philippines vegetables stews like Pinakbet and Dinengdeng . It is also a good ingredient for Sinigang .

Okra´s scientific name is Abelmoschus esculentus and another scientific name is Hibiscus esculentus L.

Okra is known as "lady's fingers" in certain parts of the world. It is always available in the Philippines in its fresh form, but they are mostly found in Turkish and Moroccan stores in Europe frozen or in cans. I have yet to find fresh ones in Asian shops

I have tried cooking Okra from the can in Germany, but I didnt enjoy its taste, I still prefer the fresh ones which I used to cook while in the Philippines. The frozen ones are a good substitute though when fresh ones are not available.

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