Starting today, I will be adding photos of the food from South India, specifically from the southern State of  Kerala where I was blessed enough to visit and where I have a family friends. I have made  and collected a lot of photos of foods and scenes from the daily life in Kerala, particularly the district of Alappuzha (Allepey) during my trip.  I will be adding their description one by one, but right now my priority is to post the pictures first for all of you to enjoy. 

For almost two (2) months, I visited Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Kanyakumari) and all around Kerala, the longest was in Allepey (Alappuzha), hence I have made so many pictures of the foods I have eaten along my entire vacation and many other everyday happenings and scenes in the said district.

I have collected so many happy memories in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and gained a new family. 

I am not an authority on cooking South Indian food, I learned some techniques while in Allepey  and am still learning to cook some of their dishes until now that I am back in Germany. I will only add stories and information as I was taught and as I have learned while in Kerala and also based on my research about their food. Right now, I can proudly say that I can cook very good Thoran, Fish/Chicken Fry, Cherupayaru Parippu Curry, Upma and Payasam. I am still dreaming of learning how to cook Sambar, Biryani, which is my favorite, Dosa and some of their sweet snacks, like Sukhiyan, Ari Unda, Halwa and many others.

I hope that you will enjoy the pictures I am sharing to all of you and hopefully, one day, you can visit South India, too as I did and get to enjoy the taste of South India. I am hoping and dreaming and working hard, so  I can visit the Northern part of India in the near future. 

To view or see the pictures, I will be adding "Food of South India/Kerala" before the name of the food, for example, Food of South India/Kerala: Papaya Thoran. 

Happy viewing!!!!

Below are pictures of me, enjoying Mutton Biryani. An Irish Proverbs says "Laughter is brightest where food is best", it is true indeed, especially when the food is shared with loved ones. 

This is the first time I ever tasted Biryani in Halays Restaurant which offers the best Biryani in Allepey according to my friend and indeed, it was so delicious. They serve their Biryanis with Charllas/Sarlas with curd as a side dish and Papadam on top. 

Sehr lecker! Heavenly
Sehr lecker! Heavenly