I am starting to add some articles now about my travels, scenes of daily lives, cultural happenings (festivals, weddings, etc), street views (market places, tourist spots, etc), things and articles about food and related not only to food, but also other interesting things I thought you will enjoy, too when you visit our website. Just to have a bit background how it is in these countries, especially in my home country, the Philippines, Kerala, India where I have my so-called "second family", and Germany, where I am residing right now and a lot more countries which I was blessed to visit. 

Food says a lot about the culture of the country and I can not ignore, other things and daily happenings in the lives of people residing in these countries. 

I just really hope, that as much as I enjoyed being in these countries and look back into my pictures once in a while to remember the good old days, you will enjoy them too.

Happy viewing and thank a lot for visiting our website.