Starting today, I will not just be adding new words to the Glossary, but I will be adding pictures of my journeys and all pictures I made relating to food . In 2012, I was so blessed enough to visit the United States (Houston, Sugarland and San Antonio, Texas), Copenhagen, Denmark; Malmö, Sweden and Amsterdam, The Netherlands and in 2013, I was able to visit 2 states of southern India, Tamil Nadu (Chennai) and Kerala (Allepey, etc) and spent almost 5 months in my home country, the Philippines. During those trips, I tried my best to make as many photos as I can of all things related to food and food pictures and I want to just add them to our website. Some of the pictures are not clear enough, but I will try as much as I can to describe what the picture shows.

I was able to enjoy my journeys and all the food I tasted along the way. I hope I can share to you as much information I can through my photos. Happy viewing