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Kare-Kare a peanut-based stew.

Kadala is the Malayalam term for chick peas or chickpeas. It is known as Garbanzos in Philippines. It is also known as Bengal Gram. In India, Kadala comes in two (2) varieties: the regular beige-colored Kadala and black and always available in food stores.

English: Cassava / Deutsch: Maniok / Español: Yuca / Português: Mandioca / Français: Manioc / Italiano: Cassava /

Kamoteng Kahoy is a Filipino word for Cassava. It is also known as Yucca. In the Philippines, Kamoteng Kahoy is mostly used for making sweet snacks, like Suman made from grated Kamoteng Kahoy cooked with coconut milk (Gata) or just simple boiling it without its skin and dipping in sugar

Kamoteng Kahoy is known in Malayalam as Kappa or Kappioka and is used for making various dishes in the southern state of India, Kerala.

It is also an important root crop and basic staple food in Africa and is used for making Fufu (mashed cassava), especially in Central Africa.

Picture below is fresh/raw Kamoteng Kahoy from Kerala, India.

Below are pictures of Kamoteng kahoy/Cassava/Kappa trees growing around an empty subdivision in Laguna, Philippines

In Allepey, Kerala, India, Aunt Lily, a family friend buys Kappa /Kappioka from a mobile vendor peddling Kappa.

Boiled Kappa is a very important food item / a staple item in Kerala's cuisine as substitute for steamed rice.

Kuttanadan Chicken (Kozhi) Curry refers to the traditonal chicken curry prepared and cooked using an authentic-style Kuttanadan recipe in which the basic ingredients are Black Pepper and Coconut Milk. Bite-size Chicken pieces and slices of potatoes (an optional ingredient) are cooked with lots of spices, such as Garlic, Ginger, Fennel Seeds, Cardamom, Turmeric, Onions, Curry Leaves, Green chilies, and of course the Black Pepper Corns and Thick Coconut Milk until the chicken is tender.

Kappa Puzhukku refers to one of the dishes from Kerala, India made from boiled/teameed mashed Cassava seasoned with different spices, such as Black Mustard seeds (called Kadugu in Malayalam) and Curry leaves and then served or paired with Pachadi, Beef Masala or other dishes like Erachi Olarthiyathu, or Curries.

English: Black salt / Deutsch: Schwarzes Salz / Español: Sal negro / Português: Sal negro / Français: Sel noir / Italiano: Sale nero /

Kalkag refers to an Ilonggo delicacy of tiny shrimps, lightly salted and dried.

Kalkag is one of the ingredients used by some Ilonggo families when cooking fried rice. Kalkag is Alamang in Tagalog dialect, but a dried version. Some Ilonggo families who are familiar with Kalkag, just often heat them in the pan with no oil since they easily get "burned".