25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, dividing West and East Germany, some food terms used in the East and used by the "Ossies" , those people who lived in the East side of the wall called the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) have "survived" and still being used at present.

Here are some of them:

1. Broiler - Brathähnchen/Brathaehnchen - roasted chicken. Nowadays, small mobile trucks or Imbissbude (food stall) are stationed all over Germany selling these delicious food for a cheap price. In Bremen, Germany one whole is being sold for only 6.00 euros.

Picture of the Broiler/Brathaenchen, below sold in Imbissbude and mobile food trucks

The mobile truck below where I buy Brathaenchen when I miss the roasted chicken called Lechong Manok from my home country, the Philippines

2. Ketwurst - a slightly different form of Hotdog served with Ketchup

3. Kochklopse - more popularly known as Königsberger Klopse, Königsberg meatballs which refer to cooked meatballs with capers in a white sauce.

4. Letscho - German term for Hungarian vegetable ragout or stew made of red and green peppers and tomatoes as basic ingredients. Also known in English as Lecho, Hungarian as Lecsó, Czech and Slovak as Lečo, and Polish as Leczo

5. Muckefuck - coffee which is made from grains and not from the usual coffee beans.

6. Roster - popularly known as Bratwurst or roasted sausage. Roster or Bratwurst are also available in small mobile trucks stationed all over Germany selling assorted hot items, like Brathänchen and Pommes frittes and cold salads packed in plastic containers like Sauerkraut, Potato and Macaroni Salads

7. Soljanka - a kind of soup with Letscho

8. Würzfleisch - a ragout which is traditionally made from veal, but Würzfleisch here is made from pork (Schwein) or poultry (Geflügel, such as chicken)

9. Zuckertüte - also known as Schultüte . Translated as school or sweet cone, a paper or cardboard funnel/cone filled with assorted or different kinds of sweets and small gifts which is given to children the first time they enter school.

10. Konsum - refers to Lebensmittelladen which means grocery shop or grocery stores. Known now as Supermarkt-Kette (Supermarket chain)

Brathänchen and Roster are some of the foods I learned to love living in Germany. I am thankful that Brathänchen is readily available here almost everyday, so when I miss food from my home in the Philippines which is called Lechong Manok (Filipino version of roasted chicken) which is almost tasting as the Brathänchen , I can just walk nearby then I’ll be transported back so easily to my home country.

Below is the roasted chicken from the Philippines called Lechong Manok. It is very much the same as the Brathaenchen in Germany, except that in the Philippines, the whole chicken is filled with Tanglad (crushed Lemongrass) beforee roasting. I think , the Brathaenchen in Germany has a delicious taste of special spice mixture prepared by the seller.

Bratwurst is one German food which is not readily available or never been discovered as street food in the Philippines. I still have not been to any place where I can see foodshops selling Bratwurst. What we have in the Philippines are hotdogs, we can roast them, too, but German wurst (sausage) is simply different from any sausage or hotdogs I tasted in some countries I visited, including the Philippines. German Bratwurst is a very simple and yet delicious German food which I want my friends and family to taste if they come to visit me in Germany. I will definitely bring them to an Imbissbude where Bratwurst is at its best

Germany's grilled Bratwurst shown below:

Klaus eating Bratwurst and Krakauer, also one of the popular Würst (Sausages) in Germany.

With regard to Muckefuck which is coffee made from grains, when I was a young girl, I remember my mother roasting regular rice in the mornings when we have no more money to buy a regular coffee (from coffee beans) then use the roasted rice with hot water to serve us coffee. Coming from a poor family, my mother used to get tips from other poor mothers to invent food items which we can’t buy anymore due to lack of money, but needed for our daily survival. I can not remember the taste of my mom’s roasted rice coffee, all I can remember is that , it tasted like any regular arabica coffee sold in supermarkets.

Christmas is fast approaching, I am eagerly waiting for the opening of Weinachmarkt or Christmas Night Market at the center of Bremen where roasted German wurst (Bartwurst, Currywurst, Krakauer) of different varieties are available. Hmmmmm... I am getting excited, I always had fun eating Roasted steaks and Bratwurst with Gluhwein at the Weinachmarkt. I am also thinking of calling my mother from Texas, USA where she is residing now to ask her how to make that roasted rice coffee. I know that she put rice on the pan and cook it without any oil until its burned then put the rice on a pot with water and boil it . I really want her tehcnique pass on to me or any of my siblings just to document everything that she cooked and prepared for us during the days gone by.

"Never be a food snob. Learn from everyone you meet - the fish guy at your market, the lady at the local diner, farmers, cheese makers. Ask questions, try everything and eat up!" (Rachel Ray)

Rachel Ray is right, during my one (1) month stay in the south of India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, I met a lot of people and learn from everyone of them... all local people of these 2 southern states of India whom I met on the streets , in their small teahops, in their little kitchen... yes, I learned so much from them, how to prepare their food, how to make the best cardamom tea, get to know more about their culture, how to appreciate small things, how to be patient during hard times and be happy no matter how hard life is.

Tulingan is the Filipino name of Mackerel tuna or Skipjack tuna. Ginataan in Filipino means cook with and in coconut milk, hence Ginataang Tulingan is Tuna in Coconut milk. In San Pablo City in the Province of Laguna, Ginataang Tulingan is a common fare. Almost all housewives in the city has their own version of this dish, but all I can say is that from those I tasted already, everyone has made it so delicious especially when there is enough coconut milk.

The fish is cleaned, wrapped in banana leaves then cooked in coconut milk until just enough sauce from the coconut milk is left. Here is a photograph of Ginataang Tulingan. I wish you can also one day visit the Philippines and enjoy this great dish, too as I enjoyed it. Ginataang Tulingan - Food of the Philippines

The above picture is one version of Ginataang Tulingan sold in night street food market in San Pablo City, Laguna.Tulingan (fish) is wrapped first in young banana leaves.

Below is another version of Ginataang Tulingan, a much simpler version with added slices of eggplant. This dish is one of the dishes our carpenters wanted for lunch while we were building our house in the Philippines. I am not very fond of cooking fish except when it is canned tuna, but I like anything cooked with coconut milk. and on my next vacation to my home country l have the intention learn cooking Ginataang Tulingan from the master cooks in Laguna. Food cooked in coconut milk was not part of our meal when we were young, perhaps because those times we cant even afford an expensive grated coconut.

Ginataang Tulingan - Food from the Philippines

Ammikallu also spelled Ammi Kallu refers to the stone grinder used in India, particularly in the state of Kerala, south of India to grind spices that comes also with a stone pestle. It is traditionally used by Indian housewives to grind their spices until it becomes a thick paste or until it reach the right consistency.

Masala-Flavored Noodles

Masala Noodles... you saved me while I was travelling to the southern part of India. Eating spicy foods is so good, but after 15 days , I started to miss eating foods without spices. Finding food I used to eat regularly is hard even in restaurants in Alllepey (Kerala) where I stayed most of my time while in India. Most of them sell Indian southern foods. But I found noodles in small food shops (variety stores) selling noodles , but lo and behold , even noodles are masala-flavored to fit the taste of the people. But I have grown to love you..Masala noodles. I survived some days travelling around by asking some food shop owners to just serve me these ready to cook noodles. Masala-flavored noodles, I am missing you. I brought several packs on my way home to the Philippines for an extended vacation and on my way to Germany, but now I have eaten all and start to miss you. I am now searching for Indian food shops, I hope I find you there.

- Cakes ... Cakes and and more cakes :

"A party without cake is really just a meeting." - Julia Child.

Julia Child was right. A party without a cake is incomplete and just some sort of a boring meeting , Here in Germany and everywhere I go, every party is celebrated with a cake. In Germany where I live now, in every potluck party is a celebration of cake. Almost all houswives who are invited to the party will be bringing a cake which they baked themselves. Every female member of the family has one recipe which they keep for baking during special occassions and for every season, they bake special cakes.

Everywhere are also bakeshops and Conditorei where cakes are available anytime. The bakeshops prepare as many cake as they can daily and for me who came from a country where baking is not a thing to learn, it is always mesmerizing to find different kinds of cake in bakeshops and in groceries where ready.made cakes are also available. Cake is a part of Germany's cuisine and even Austria, where they take their "coffee time" seriously.

Pictures below are some of the cakes which became a part of a great party.

- The Spice Man and Me :

We are starting here a new category about our experiences about food and culture of other countries while travelling. I came from the Philippines and now lives in Germany, I was blessed enough to travel around the world and get to exposed to a lot of food and culture of other countries. I hope that this new category in our food glossary will give also give you insights and get to enjoy and travel with me through food.

Food and festivals can not be separated .. where there is a festival or a feast there is certainly lots and lots of food and this is particularly true in India. I am so fascinated by the culture of India and this includes their cuisine.

- Trip to Incredible INDIA :

Had a wonderful culinary trip to the south of India, where I got to taste a lot of southern food and also some food from the north. I feel blessed that , I am again given a chance to celebrate the glorious food of another country, especially of one of my dream places to visit, India.

India ... you are indeed incredible.


Photo Gallery with pictures of food.

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