Glossary W

The food glossary +++ 'Whitloof', 'Welsh Rarebit', 'White butter'
Wallop is the British slang for "Beer". Wallop is also an old cooking term which means to boil with a continued bubbling noise.

Walnuss is the German word for "Walnut" which is usually used for making desserts and also as a toppng for salads.

Windfalls is an to an old/historic term for "Hard pears" .

Warmbier refers to a German soup with raw eggs beaten into beer and lemon.

Windbeutel is a German word for "cream puff ", a hollow round of crisp choux pastry that is split in half, filled with a cream or custard, and dusted with powdered sugar.

Wiworm refers to Switzerland's New Year's drink of diluted spiced wine which is served hot.