Glossary W

Walm refers to the bubbling and heaving of water, etc. in process of boiling, melting, etc.). Also, one such motion; a "Wallop", a bubble; to boil with a continued bubbling noise. Walm is one of obscure and historical terms used by Sir Kenelm Digby for making his recipes for Mead

Waterblommetjie refers to a waxy flower that grows in water, and an endemic waterflowers that grow wild in seasonal wetlands in winter in the Cape which cooked as stew and is eaten as Waterblommetjiebredie .

Waxed Paper refers to a translucent paper coated on both sides with a thin layer of wax. It is used for lining baking pans and covering food in the microwave. Waxed Paper is also known as Wax Paper .

Wurtz Avocado refers to the popular evergreen variety of Avocado that is ideal for the home gardener, as it is self pollinating and dwarf like, growing to only 2.5 meters high, yet produces an abundance of top quality fruit with a thin, shiny skin and small seed. It boasts good consistent flavor and is well respected in the avocado community.

Warga refers to sweet green tea which the people of Guinea-Bissau love to drink aside from the palm and cashew wine found in the country. Guinea-Bissau is situated in Western Africa between Guinea and Senegal.

Walkie Talkie refers to the South African name for cooked chicken feet and heads which is sold as street food.