Glossary X

The food glossary +++ 'Xianrou', 'Xatò', 'Xerem'
Xatò refers to Spanisn salad with strips of cold salted cod and Romesco sauce . Xató is a traditional dish in Southern Catalunya in Spain
Xnipec refers to a Mexican chile/chili sauce or relish common in the Yucatan whose name means literally, "dog's nose."

XO Sauce refers to a spicy condiment made from a secret recipe incorporating, among other things, Hunan ham, scallops, and Chinese spices which was first introduced in Hong Kong by The Peninsula Hotel. XO Sauce is available in many Hong Kong hoteld gift shops and local groceries.

Xerem refers to a form of Cachupa or Catchupa , the national dish of Cape Verde in which the corn is more finely ground, and is often served during religious celebrations which are observed in Cape Verde. In Cape Verde, many Catholic Saints' days are observed throughout the year. Food and its preparation play a large part in these celebrations. The women of Cape Verde usually spend the few days prior to these feast pounding corn for the Cachupa/Catchupa, cleaning and cutting vegetables , and preparing meat for the dishes to be prepared for these ceremonial and religious occassions.

Xerophagy is defined as the eating of dry food, especially food that is cooked without oil. In the early Christian Church, Xerophagy meant eating food cooked in water and salt during Lent. Xerophagy has also been practiced in prison and in the military as a form of punishment

Xup Rau refers to Vietnamese vegetable soup.