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English: Pickled vegetables / Deutsch: Eingelegtes Gemüse / Español: Verduras en escabeche / Português: Legumes em conserva / Français: Légumes marinés / Italiano: Verdure sott'aceto /

Qursan is an Arabic dish which consists of dried thin wheat loafs which are saturated with gravy and cooked in a special way.

Quill refers to a cinnamon bark rolled up into a cigar-like tube.
Quaking Pudding refers to British food of a light custard pudding boiled in a cloth

Quimbombo means "Okra " in Puerto Rico which is used worldwide not only in Cuban and Caribbean cooking. Okra is also very much used in Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. Okra is one of my favorite vegetables found in the Philippines, aside from Aubergine (Talong in Filipino). It is also called Okra and it usually just made into a salad by boiling the Okra in water until cooked and served with a dip made of bagoong (Fish paste) with vinegar and siling labuyo (chili pepper). Okra is one of the cheap vegetables and always available in wet markets all over the Philippines and it is also one of the cheap vegetables

Qubani Ka Meetha refers to India's dessert, specifically a Hyderabadi dessert made of fine apricots. Qubani Ka Meetha is one of the most favorite sweets common in Hyderabadi restaurants. This dessert can be served either with fresh cream, custard or even with a generous a scoop of vanilla ice cram-cream. Likewise, Qubani Ka Meetha is one of the important foods serve on any wedding feast.
Quetsche is the German word for a cooking utensil used to mashed or crushed potato; a potato press/crusher/masher. Quetsche is also known as Kartoffelpresse. Quetsche is available in several forms and sizes. In Germany, where potato is a staple food, and where potatoes are sold in 5-kilo packs and more, Quetsche or Kartoffelpresse is always a common kitchen sight and may be no household does not have a Quetsche. Kartoffel is the German word for "potato".