Glossary Q

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Qaghaq ta' l-ghasel refers to Malta's pastry which is stuffed with a honey mixture.

Quetscheflued is also known as Quetsche Tort refers to plum tart which is one of the typical Luxembourg desserts, However, there are already other varieties of Tort or tarts using other fruits, like cherry, peach and pear. Quetsche means plum is Luxembourg.

Queques refers to "Cupcakes" in Portugal, where Queques are available in different flavors in almost all pastry shops around the country.

Quso Kapiche refers to a Peruvian stew of boiled lima beans and potatoes, seasoned with onion, garlic, lard, milk and red pepper. It is one of the typical dishes from Cusco/Cuzco. Cuzco is the historic capital and the most visited tourist destination of Peru

Qurt refer to Kazakhtan's dried cheese curds which the Kazakht believed to cure colds. When someone coughed, they recommended Qurt to cure the cold.

Qofte Të Fërguara refers to Albanian fried meatballs. It is one of the typical dishes of Albania aside from roasted lamb with yogurt, cabbage and potato soup, and vegetable pie.