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Queijo da Serra refers to the most popular cheese from Portugal particularly from the region of Serra da Estrela. Queijo da Serra is a semi-hard high fat cheese made from sheep or goat's milk. Portugal's most typical desserts include cinnamon-flavored rice pudding, flan, and caramel custard, but they also often include a variety of cheese including Queijo da Serra.
Quorn refers to a food product similar to textured vegetable protein. It is created using egg whites, so is not desirable for vegans. It is more commonly found in the United Kingdom than in the United States.

Quadriller is the French word that describes a process of marking a crisscross pattern of lines into the surface of grilled or broiled food. Likewise, Quadriller may mean: (1) To mark squares or diamonds on meat, using a grill; and 2) To mark squares using a knife. Quadriller is pronounced "ca-dree-yay"

Qumështor refers to a custard dish made of flour, eggs, and milk which is eaten by the Orthodox of southeastern Albania before the beginning of Lent.

Qishr which is also called Qahwa is one of the more common drink in Yemen which is prepared from coffee bean shells, cinnamon and ginger

Qaghaq ta' l-ghasel refers to Malta's pastry which is stuffed with a honey mixture.