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Queso is a Spanish word for cheese
Other definition:
Queso is the Spanish word for "cheese".

Queso cremoso is a Spanish term for cream cheese

Description: Cream cheese

Language: Spanish
Ethnicity: Spanish
Most frequent country: Spain

See places: Spanish food and cuisine

Quarter in culinary term means (1) to divide into 4 equal parts (2) one fourth, as in one fourth cup of water; and (3) period of three months, as in a food should be eaten after a period of 3 months.

Qamachdoon refers to a thick bread in Shimsal that is baked in cast iron oven
Quadrucci is a variety of tiny squares and cubes fresh or dried pasta that usually made with eggs, and added to soups or broth. These tiny egg pasta squares are ideal for giving extra

Qiaokeli is the Chinese word for "Chocolate"