Uralai Kizhangu Roast also spelled  Uralakizhangu Roast is one of the dishes from Kerala which is actually a Potato Roast in English. Uralai Kizhangu is made by cooking/sauteeing bite-sized slices of potatoes with lots of tempered spices, such mustard seeds and or course Indian Curry leaves with onions and spicy green chilies. Roast in Kerala is always a dry dish, but made so delicious by lots of tempered spices and fresh Curry leaves.

Uralai Kizhangu is the Malayalam word for Potatoes.

Malayalam in the language spoken in Kerala, a state in the South of India.


Kachil is the Malayalam word for Greater Yam, Guyana Arrowroot, Ten-months Yam, Water Yam, White Yam, Winged Yam or Yam. Kachil is also known as Purple Yam

Picture below is boiled Kachil called Kachil Puzhukku which is made from boiled bite-sized pieces of Kachil mixed with spices and of course curry-leaves and grated-coconut.


Palabok or Pancit Palabok is a one of the varieties of noodles in the Philippines using red sauce from Annato seeds with seafoods, like shrimps and drizzled with crushed Chicharon and usually decorated around the Container (a native Food Container called Bilao)  with slices of hard-boiled eggs  and served all the time with local Philippine lemon called Calamansi or Kalamansi.

Palabok is some kind of Special variety of noodles in the Philippines so it is mostly served during feasts or Special occassions.

Below are pictures of the Palabok I served for my friends and siblings during my last vist to the Philippines. It was a Special occassion to see them every 2 to 3 years. I, myself havent tried cooking Palabok, they are being prepared by some specialty Food shops selling food around the country.



Bopis is one of the dishes from the Philippines which is made from pig and cow's heart, spleen, liver  and lung cut into tiny pieces sauteed in garlic, onions and simmered in tomatoes or vinegar and always with the thinly slices of spicy Bird's eye chili peppers (Siling Labuyo) to give it a spicy taste that makes it more appetizing. Salt or better Fish sauce (Patis) is added to taste.


Poffertjes refers to mini or small Dutch puffed or fluffy pancakes drizzled with powdered sugar and traditionally served with hot melted butter.Poffertjes derived its name from the manner they are prepared, where the dough "puffs" up in the special pan when baked/cooked. They are also called Dutch mini puffed pancakes.

They are a typical treat from the Netherlands which is always a must-eat treat during national holidays, festivals and other Holland festivities. 

During Christmas and New Year's Eve, Poffertjes stalls called Poffertjeskraam are all over the country.  

Poffertjes are baked/cooked in a special pan (Poffertjespan) with little circular depressions and flipped with a special two-pronged fork. 



Cheemeen Thoran refers to a dry curry from Kerala, India made from Cheemeen (Shrimps) cooked with shredded coconut. 

Thoran dishes from Kerala are traditionally made from various vegetables, such as Cabbage, Carrots, Beans and Spinach, but presently the modern kitchens already used seafood and meats to prepare Thoran 

Please see related articles about Thoran and different variations using vegetables.

Cheemeen Thoran - dry curry made of Shrimps from Kerala, India
Cheemeen Thoran - dry curry made of Shrimps from Kerala, India




The food glossary +++ 'Alugbati', 'Aboyeur', 'Agkud'
The food glossary +++ 'Food', 'Filling', 'Flesh'
The food glossary +++ 'Jus lie', 'Jalapeño', 'Jing leed'

The food glossary +++ 'Kalkag', 'Kamias', 'Kakang Gata'

The food glossary +++ 'Pallang', 'Pincage', 'Patola'
The food glossary +++ 'Releve', 'Rasam', 'Royale'
The food glossary +++ 'Seonji', 'Sitaw', 'Sampinit'
The food glossary +++ 'Yusi', 'Youtiao', 'Yang-gomtang'
The food glossary +++ 'Zutaten', 'Zurrete', 'Zalivnoe'

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