Palabok or Pancit Palabok is a one of the varieties of noodles in the Philippines using red sauce from Annato seeds with seafoods, like shrimps and drizzled with crushed Chicharon and usually decorated around the Container (a native Food Container called Bilao)  with slices of hard-boiled eggs  and served all the time with local Philippine lemon called Calamansi or Kalamansi.

Palabok is some kind of Special variety of noodles in the Philippines so it is mostly served during feasts or Special occassions.

Below are pictures of the Palabok I served for my friends and siblings during my last vist to the Philippines. It was a Special occassion to see them every 2 to 3 years. I, myself havent tried cooking Palabok, they are being prepared by some specialty Food shops selling food around the country.



Mentaiko in Japanese and called Myeongranjeot in Korean refers to the marinated cod or pollock roe (eggs) which is used as a common ingredient in both Japanese and Korean Cuisines and is usually made from variety of flavors and colors.

It is usually eaten by itself or with Sake and Onigiri. Nowadays it becomes popular in other Asian countries like Thailand as a sauce for spaghetti mixed with butter or mayonnaise. 

Karashi Mentaiko is a variety of Mentaiko which is spicy and is a product of Fukuoka City in Japan


The food glossary +++ 'Kakang Gata', 'Kinchay', 'Kalkag'

The food glossary +++ 'Qishr', 'Queques', 'Quetscheflued'
The food glossary +++ 'Rauchfleisch', 'Recheli', 'Rasam'
The food glossary +++ 'Zalivnoe', 'Zalatina', 'Zhuta'