- Ji?ozi / Jiaozi : - Ji?ozi / Jiaozi :

Ji?ozi / Jiaozi refer to China's dumplings which are cooked in various ways: boiled, fried, steamed, simmered, and even baked. Ji?ozi are served on their own accompanied by various sauces or included in soups. Ji?ozi are found all over China, but more popular in the Northern regions of the country. They are sold as street foods and are also served in restuarants in various ways.

Ji?ozi is not only popular in China, they are available in many countries all over the world.

Chinese dumplings or Ji?ozi are available in three (3) varieties:

(1) Shu?ji?o literally translated as "water dumpling" refers to boiled Jiaozi. Jianzi is prepared and boiled in water. Generally served with a sauce.

(2) Gu?ti? literally means "pan stick,” refers to "fried Jiaozi" . In American, they are most known as Potstickers . Gu?ti? are made by tossing and frying (in oil) the steamed Ji?ozi in a wok or frying pan. This way, the Ji?ozi will have crispy bottom and soft top.

(3) Zh?ngji?o refer to "steamed Jiaozi ". They are often steamed in a covered bamboo rack that is positioned over a wok full of boiling water.

Ji?ozi are usually prepared in the morning and then served throughout the day, one versatile Chinese food which can be a served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In the Philippines, we have our very own version of Ji?ozi which the Filipinos might have inherited from the Chinese who migrated to the Philippines. We call them SIOMAI. They are also prepared the same way as the Chinese prepared their Ji?ozi. boiled, steamed, fried et. Can be eaten on their own with a sauce or can be made into a soup.

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