Kofte is a Turkish term describing ground meats, bulgur, and/or rice. Kofte is skewered, baked, or fried. Kofte is simply defined as "meatball".

Kofte is any Turkish dish made with ground meats, or bulgur and rice meat mixture. Skewered, baked, and fried versions exist.

Like some of the foods worldwide, Kofte is cooked in different varieties, some made with bulgur, some made with rice, some are skewered, some seasoned with tomatoes sauce, etc.

(1) Kofte Cizbiz are grilled meatballs

(2) Sis Kofte are meatballs on skewer

(3) Izmir Kofte are meatballs in tomato sauce seasoned with spices

(4) Kadinbudu Kofte are fried meatballs with rice dipped in egg batter.

(5) Pirincli Kofte are meatballs made from rice.

Breadcrumbs (Bread crumbs) can also be used as a substitute for bulgur or rice.

Other /More definition:
- Kofte : The ingredient of kofte is named "bulgur" and not bulgar. Bulgur is the turkish name for "wheat grains that have been steamed, dried and finely crushed". Instead of bulgur one can use wetted bread-crumbs,too. If you use rice (in turkish: pirinc) instead of bread then this meal is named "pirincli-kofte". We nearly always put grated onion and powdered black-pepper and sometimes one egg into this mixture.
Other /More definition:
- Kofte : Thank you very much for your comment, it is very much appreciated, especially when you enlightened us about different variations of Kofte, like the Kofte nade of rice which is called by another name. I hope to see more of your comments about the Turkish food which I added on my glossary. Turkish food is one of my favorite foods and I am always going to my favorite Turkish restaurant for their delicious original Turkish meal plus the Turkish owners are really friendly. Again, thanks a lot

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