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Cherupayaru Olarthiyathu also called Cherupayaru Ulartthiyathu, Cherupayar Olarthiyathu, Cherupayar Olarthiyathu or Cherupayaru Olarthu refers to a dish from Kerala, India made from stir-fried cooked Cherupayaru or Moong/Mung Beans or Whole Green Gram.

Deutsch: Hähnchenbraten, Essen aus Kerala, Indien / Español: Pollo Asado, Comida de Kerala, India / Português: Frango Assado, Comida de Kerala, Índia / Français: Poulet Rôti, Nourriture du Kerala, Inde / Italiano: Arrosto di Pollo, Cibo del Kerala, India /

Chicken Roast is one of the foods from Kerala, India made from pieces of chicken cooked with lots of spices and curry leaves with tomatoes and cooked until almost dry but with a little sauce left.

English: Carrot and Long Beans Stir Fry / Deutsch: Karotten- und Langerbohnenpfanne / Español: Zanahoria y Judía Verde Salteadas / Português: Cenoura e Vagem Salteadas / Français: Carotte et Haricots Longs Sautés / Italiano: Carote e Fagiolini Saltati /

- Food from Kerala, India: Carrot and Achinga Payar (Pacha Payar) Mezhukkupuratti / Carrot and Long Beans Stir Fry :

English: Caipirinha / Deutsch: Caipirinha / Español: Caipirinha / Português: Caipirinha / Français: Caipirinha / Italiano: Caipirinha /

Caipirinha refers to the national and traditional cocktail and most popular drink from Brazil made from the most common and and indigenous spirit called Cachaça (also known as Caninha), lime wedges and sugar , preferably raw sugar or Turbinado sugar.

Chakkakuru Olarthiyathu is the Malayalam term for Jackfruit seeds Stir-Fry. The jackfruit seeds are stir-fried with slices of onions, and spices such as Kadugu (Black mustard), Turmeric powder, red chili powder, freshly grated coconut and curry leaves. It is one of the dishes made from the different parts of Jackfruit, such as the seeds.

Chakkakuru is the Malayalam word for Jackfruit seeds. Chakka is Jackfruit in Malayalam, the language of the Indian state of Kerala.

Chakkakuru of Jackfruit seeds is called Buto ng Langka in Filipino.

Jackfruit seeds are not made into savory dishes in the Philippines, as far as I know.When I was young, my mother used to gather these seeds whenever she purchased Jackfruit (Langka) then boil them with a bit of salt then serve them to us for snacks.

One day when I visit again my country, the Philippines. I want to try cooking Chakkakuru Olarthiyathu and let my siblings enjoy what I have learned during my stay in Kerala, India.

Pictures below are 2 kinds/types of Chakkakuru Olarthiyathu cooked by my family friend in Allepey, Kerala, India. One is with grated fresh coconut without red chili and the other one without grated coconut but with red chili powder. I enjoyed both as I love Chakkakuru, Coconut meat and lots of spices.

Clearly seen in the picture above, the onions, Kadugu (black Mustard seeds) and the Curry Leaves

Below is the close-up view of the Ckakkakuru Olarthiyathu

Coriander Seeds refer to the seeds of the Coriander plant which is used to give warm, aromatic and citrus flavor to food. Mostly used in Indian cooking and also Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine.

Coriander Seeds are available in whole or grounded/powdered forms. It is one of the components of Garam Masala and Harissa. It can be added to savory food, like Chutneys, casseroles and Pickles (found in Cornichons and pickled Cucumbers) and sweet cakes and baked products.

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