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Deutsch: Sellerie / Español: Apio nabo / Português: Aipo-rábano / Français: Céleri-rave / Italiano: Sedano rapa

Celeriac, also known as celery root, is a type of root vegetable that is part of the celery family but is primarily grown for its edible, bulbous root. It has a knobby, rough exterior with a creamy white interior and offers a flavor that is similar to celery stalks but nuttier and with deeper earthy tones.

Deutsch: Cannelloni / Español: Cannelloni / Português: Cannelloni / Français: Cannelloni / Italiano: Cannelloni

Cannelloni are large pasta tubes that are typically filled with a variety of ingredients, such as ricotta cheese, spinach, ground meat, or a combination of these, and then baked covered in sauce. Originating from Italy, cannelloni is a popular dish in Italian cuisine, known for its rich flavors and comforting qualities.

Deutsch: Kardone / Español: Cardo / Português: Cardo / Français: Cardon / Italiano: Cardo

Cardoon, also known as the artichoke thistle, is a perennial plant that belongs to the same family as the artichoke. It is prized for its edible stalks, which are similar in flavor to artichoke hearts but are prepared and consumed more like celery or leek.

Deutsch: Maisbrot / Español: Pan de maíz / Português: Pão de milho / Français: Pain de maïs / Italiano: Pane di mais

Cornbread is a traditional bread made primarily from cornmeal, which is a coarse flour ground from dried maize (corn). It is a common staple in Southern United States cuisine but is also widely enjoyed in other regions and cultures. Cornbread can vary significantly in texture and flavor, ranging from savory and dense to sweet and cake-like.

Deutsch: Chapati / Español: Chapati / Português: Chapati / Français: Chapati / Italiano: Chapati

Chapati is a type of unleavened flatbread originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is a staple in many households, particularly in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, and is known for its simplicity, versatility, and nutritional value. Chapati is also commonly referred to as roti, though there can be regional differences in preparation and thickness between chapati and roti.

Deutsch: Keks / Español: Galleta / Português: Biscoito / Français: Biscuit / Italiano: Biscotto

Cookie in the food context refers to a small, sweet, baked treat that is popular in many cultures around the world. Typically made from ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, and butter or oil, cookies come in various sizes, shapes, and flavors, and may include other elements like chocolate chips, nuts, oatmeal, raisins, or candy pieces.

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