Glossary C

The food glossary +++ 'Cheese', 'Camote', 'Champorado'
Cajou is the French word for "Cashew nut".

Calmar is French for a small squid, similar to Encornet (squid); with interior transparent cartilage instead of a bone. Calmar is also called Chipiron in the southwest of France.

Criste Marine is the French term for "edible algae".

Carte du jour is a French term which means "menu of the day" Du Jour means food of the day.

Canning Salt also known as Pickling Salt as the name suggests is a kind of salt used when canning or pickling foods. It is a regular table salt without the anti-caking or iodine additives.

Cha Shu Bow refers to a Chinese steamed bun with dry roasted pork filling.