Glossary C

Charqui refers to dried llama meat which is a delicacy from Peru, particularly from Cerro de Pasco.

Caffe Americano refers to a single or double shot of espresso poured over 6 ounces (180 ml.) of fresh hot water to produce a milder (“American-style”) coffee. Unlike the American coffee, the crema should rise to the top of the finished beverage. Caffe Americano is likewise an Italian term so named because it closely resembles American Coffee which is weaker than Espresso.

Curry Leaf (Murraya koenegii) refers to a purple-black fruited tree which is most famous for its aromatic leaves that provide curry spice. The leaves are used as an important food flavoring in Indian and Asian cuisine. When cooking, the leaves are generally used fresh direct from the tree. The yellow "curry powder" which are sold in the markets which is common in Western countries is actually not curry at all, but a mixture of several spices intended to mimic the true curry flavor. The yellow color comes from turmeric root.

Cane Vinegar is a type/variety of vinegar that is made from sugarcane and has a rich, slightly sweet flavor. It is an important ingredient for making pickles, mustards and vinaigrettes . It adds flavor and aroma to various sauces , marinades and dressings, in cooking sweet and sour dishes marinating herring and making the German Sauerbraten. Cane Vinegar is the most commonly used vinegar in the Philippines as sugarcane is still planted in the Philippines.

Charquican refers to a Peruvian dish made from Charqui. Charqui refers to dried llma meat, a delicacy in Peru.

Chuño refers to a potato that has been conserved by freeze drying .