Glossary C

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Cane Vinegar is a type/variety of vinegar that is made from sugarcane and has a rich, slightly sweet flavor. It is an important ingredient for making pickles, mustards and vinaigrettes . It adds flavor and aroma to various sauces , marinades and dressings, in cooking sweet and sour dishes marinating herring and making the German Sauerbraten. Cane Vinegar is the most commonly used vinegar in the Philippines as sugarcane is still planted in the Philippines.

Chikki refers to one of India's cofectionaries; a hardened balls made of nuts made from a mixture of hand picked groundnuts and jaggery paste called Gur. This is a traditional confectionery item in India, which is called locally with different names and are available in different varieties depending upon the ingredients used. The most common used ingredients are puffed/ roasted Bengal gram , groundnut, sesame, puffed rice, beaten rice, and copra or coconut scrapping. Jaggery or Gur is the usual sweetening agent used to make these candies. sweet snack food from India that is traditionally made using one or several types of nuts such as Chikki nuts. The contents of this snack are held together with the use of a sweetener such as jaggery, sugar, glucose, or honey combined with corn syrup. the mixture is then placed into wooden molds to create a large slab that is then rolled out with wooden rolling pins to achieve the desired thickness of approximately 1/2 inch (6 to 8 mm) thick. After setting up, the Chikki is then ready to cut into small squares or retangular pieces for serving. Other ingredients that may be used for making different types of Chikki include: sesame seeds, almonds, pistachios, combined with puffed rice, beaten rice, coconut, and puffed (roasted) bengal gram. Example of Chikki is Til Chikki, a sesame candy from Rajasthan, India

Chippie is the British word for a "fish and chip shop".

Cancha or Canchita refer to toasted corn/maize kernels or beans.

Charqui refers to dried llama meat which is a delicacy from Peru, particularly from Cerro de Pasco.

Cholermus Pancakes refer to huge pancakes which is a typical "sweet" country supper of the Swiss. Cholermus Pancakes were said to be or reputedly first made by the herdsmen who then tore them with forks and browned them in butter. Cholermus Pancakes is served with fruits and sugar and steaming mugs of Cafe au Lait . In Swizerland, Cholermus Pancake is already considered a satisfying supper. .