Glossary C

Cane spirit is a popular spirit in South Africa distilled from sugar-cane

Czeburieki refers to a Crimean dish from Poland which is are large flat pastries/turnovers filled with ground meat and onions then deep-fried. Czeburieki is one of the dishes brought by the Crimean Tatar to Poland. It is in fact the national dish of Crimean Tatars. Czeburieki is also known as Chiburekki, Cheburek and is called also in different languages as in Turkish, Azerbaijani and Russian. Moreover, Czeburieki is a famous snack and street food in various countires, such as Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, and other Central Asian countries. Crimea is a region and peninsula of southern Ukraine on the Black Sea and Sea of Azov. Crimean Tatars are a Turkic ethnic group of indigenous people of Ukraine at the Crimean Peninsula

Chilli-bite refers to a savory fitter of pea-flour that contains chillies, onion and other vegetables

Choyla refers to Nepal dish of roasted/grilled (Haku Choyla) or boiled (Mana Choyla), diced, water buffalo meat or other meat, like pork, heavily spiced and eaten with flat, beaten rice. Choyla is also often eaten as an appetizer with liquor. Choyla is a Newari food. Newars are the indigenous people of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Choyla is also known or spelled as Chhoyla or Choyala.

Charakku refers to a fish curry made with roasted coriander , fenugreek, mustard, cumin, fennel, black pepper, garlic and ginger which has medicinal qualities and assist in the digestion of food. Charakku is one of the dishes in Jaffna, North of Sri Lanka where dishes tend to have lots of gravy, including Charakku.

Chereh / Chere refers to Gambia's food made with dried coos (millet) and is specially steamed and can be served with almost any sauce . Gambia is situated on West Africa's Atlantic coast. It is the smallest and westernmost mainland African nation.

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