Glossary C

The food glossary +++ 'Chooshoku', 'Chelow khoresh', 'Chevreuil'
Caille is the French word for "Quail", a kind of poultry, used for various French dishes. Quail eggs are also a wonderful food even if it is only boiled and in my home country Philippines, boiled quail eggs are taken as snacks

Châtaignes is the French for "sweet chestnuts" made into various desserts (Marron Glace) and even to an alcohol or aperitif called Crème de Châtaigne . Châtaignes grow abundantly in Lot Valley and Ardèche in Rhones Alpes Region of France. Châtaigne the singular form of Châtaignes is pronounced "shah-tah-nyuh". In the Philippines, my home country, cooked sweet, roasted chestnuts are one of the best treat for Christmas. I remember when I was a little girl, I can only eat roasted chestnuts during Christmas time. My siblings love them, too. Roasted chestnuts always remind me of my childhood and my late father who never failed to bring home roasted chestnut for our Media Noche (Christmas eve meal) no matter how very, very expensive they are. Here in Germany, during winter time, I only have to go to Hauptbahnhof (the main train station) of my city and there is a small stand in front of it selling freshly roasted and hot "Marrons". I never miss that opportunity, eating them one by one makes me feel I am home châtaigne Sweet chestnuts growing abundantly in the Aveyron Pronounced: shah-TAH-nyuh Latin: Castanea sativa Gender: f Language: French Ethnicity: French Most frequent country: France See places: French food and cuisine

Cachaça refers to the Brazilian sugarcane alcohol. It is referres to as the Brazilian "firewater" made from fermented sugarcane alcohol used in the popular drink Caipirinha; a Brazilian liquor made from distilled sugar cane juice Cachaca is distilled in such a way that the scent of sugar cane and rum are retained. While rum is distilled from molasses, Cachaca is distilled directly from the juice of the unrefined sugar cane. Before distillation, the juice ferments in a wood or copper container for several weeks, and is then boiled down to a concentrate. It is one of the most popular drinks in Brazil, and is used to make caipirinha and batidas . Cachaca is available all year-round and if not available, rum can be used as its substitute.

Champ refers to Irish food which consists of chopped spring onions blended with mashed potatoes, milk and butter while seasoned to taste with pepper and salt. The dish is one of simplicity and rather inexpensive to make. Likewise, Champ refers to one of Irish favorite foos of mashed potatoes served with a pool of melted butter. Each spoonful of Champ is dipped in the butter.

Chachinda is the Indian term for "Snake Gourd", a kind of vegetable . Chachinda is also called Chirchira, Chundakka, Padaval, Padavallanga in other Indian languages.

Chak-chak refers to a traditional Kazakhstan food, a Tatar sweet made of fried dough and honey