Glossary C

The food glossary +++ 'Ceia', 'Canard', 'Chiroti'
Consomme a la Clermont refers to French clear soup which has little slices of onion fried brown.

Casseron is the French for "cuttlefish", particularly is in Charentes, a region in the west of France. Cuttlefish belong to the same group of animals as the octopuses, squid and nautilus and like a snail they are all molluscs. The scientific name for a cuttlefish is Sepia . Casseron is used as food in the Mediterranean, some parts of Asia and elsewehere. Its ink are used in various dishes such as Nero di Seppia and Crni Rižot is Italy and Croatia, respectively. In Asia, are dried and served fried as snack. In years gone by, Sepia ink which is derived from cuttlefish, was used by artists for their paintings. For the cuttlefish this ink is a decoy, a means of escape from predators. If a large fish were to attack a cuttlefish it would eject a cloud of dark brown, almost black ink towards its attacker, then they can escape their predators. In the Philippines, they are sold dried on the markets, in the groceries in plastic packs and served fried as snacks or breakfast food with Fried rice (Sinangag) or roasted over charcoal on barbacue stick and sold on the streets. Squid is also served in the same way. How I miss this grilled/roasted Sepia. Casseron is also known as Seiche .

Cassolette refers to a French food made of morsels (small or piece of food) which is generally presented in a small casserole . Cassolette is usually topped with a pastry or mash potatoes which can either be sweet or savory and served as an appetizer or dessert in the dish of the same name (Cassolette). A Cassolette is also a kind of dish with a handle; a Caisse.

Cogollos are baby lettuce hearts. It is said that the best Cogollos come from Tudela in Spain. Cogollos are usually served with tuna, anchovies or Roquefort sauce .

Cloisa refers to a Catalan Tapa which are clams, often marinated in white wine with garlic and parsley. Cloisa is also called Almejas .

Chebureki refers to a Belarus dish of meat-filled fried pocket of bread.