Chè refers to a food that is in between a drink and a snack as it is sold in glasses at the markets.

Che is made from taro flour and green bean, and served over ice with chunks of fruit, coloured jellies and even sweetcorn or potato.

Chè is a traditional dessert from Vietnam that roughly translates as "sweet soup” or "sweet pudding”. They are commonly prepared using different kinds of beans, grains, fruits and sticky rice.

Eating Che is part and parcel of Vietnam's culture. Before examinations, students are keen on eating Che made from beans, as in Vietnamese, beans mean "pass” (pass an examination). In daily life, people usually cook Che for special occasions like weddings, first birthdays. etc.

Vietnam has a large varieties of Che or sweet soups. The country has more than 100 kinds available from the northern part of the country to the South.

Here is the list of Vietnamese Che:

1. Che Dau Do - sweet red bean soup

2. Che Chuoi - Che made from banana, coconut milk, peanuts

3. Che Hat Sen - lotus seed Che

4. Che thap cam - mixed Che, it is a mixture of many kinds of ingredients such as beans, lotus seeds, coconut milk, jelly and ice.

5. Cha Bap- sweet corn

6. Che chu?i ch?ng - Banana sweet soup, an all time favorite and very populat. In this Che, coconut sauce is required during cooking.

7. Chè B??i or Che buoi - cooked with the pomelo's white inner skin,green beans and cassava flour

8. Chè nhãn nh?c- made from dried longan

9. Chè th?t n?t - Palmyra palm fruit

10. Che bot loc thit quay - sweet soup made from cassava flour and roasted pork

11. Che khoai mon - sweet soup made from Taro

12. Che hat sen - lotus seed sweet soup

13. Che hat sen long Nhan - lotus seeds wrapped in longan pulp

14. Che dau ngu - kidney beans sweet soup

15. Che Dau Van- sweet French bean soup

16. Che Dau Ngu - sweet bean soup

17. Che Hot Sen Boc Nhan - sweet lotus seeds and longan soup

18. Che Bot Loc Boc Thit Quay - sweet rice and roast pork soup

19. Che Xoi Nuoc - sweet glutinous ball soup

20. Che Nhan Boc Hat Sen - longan wrapped lotus seed

21. Che mon sap vang - made from a variety of taro

22. Che Troi Nuoc - sticky rice cake and green pea paste. Che Troi Nuoc is also dough balls Che in Ginger Syrup

23. Che khoai - taro

24. Che dau ngu - kidney beans sweet soup

25. Che dau xanh - mungs bean drink

26. Che dau trang- black eyed pea rice pudding

27. Che Dau Hu - Tofu with Ginger Sauce

28. Che Sam Bo Luong - Sweet Soup with Dried Dates, Dried Longans, Lotus Seeds, and Seaweed

29. Che Ba Mau - three-colored sweet soup (drink) which often includes green mung beans, white black-eyed peas, red azuki beans and topped with coconut milk

30. Che Suong Sa Hot Luu - Red Jelly Tapioca Drink made of red tapioca, green jelly, and yellow mung beans topped with sweet coconut milk

31- Che Xuoi Nuoc - Mochi Dumpling with ginger-flavored syrup.

32. Che Trai Cay - Fruit Drink

33. Che Thai - Fruit Cocktail<

34. Che Chuoi Chung - bananas with Sago and coconut milk (banana Sago cream)

35. Che Thung - Mixed Sweet Potato with sweet potatoes as the main ingredient

36. Che ngo - corn sweet soup

37. Chè ??u xanh ph? tai - Mung bean Seaweed (or Kelp) dessert

38. Che Tao Xon - sweet Mung Bean Soup with Coconut Cream

39. Chè mè en, also known as chí mà phù - black sesame sweet soup

40. Che Bot Loc - dough balls with different fillings and served with sweet sauce flavored with several slices of fresh ginger.

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