Cherupayaru Payasam also spelled Cheru Payaru Payasam and also called Payar Payasam refers to a sweet dessert which can be served as snacks or breakfast food is one of the dishes from Kerala, India. It is made from Cherupayaru which is known in English as  Mung Bean, Moong Beans, Green Gram (Whole) with jaggery (Sharkara), coconut milk or plain milk, Cardamom powder ( and cashew nuts

Sometimes, some housewives cook Cherupayaru Payasam with condensed milk for extra creaminess. Fresh coconut milk can also be susbtituted with Coconut milk in cans or Powdered coconut milk which are now available in groceries and foodshops all over the world.

Cherupayaru is called Munggo in Tagalog, one of the dialects of the Philippines. (Please see article Ginisang Munggo)

Below is a picture of a simple and plain version of Cherupayaru Payasam without cashew nuts 

The Chrupayaru Payasam below is with additional Cashew Nuts and Raisins

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