Deutsch: Sirup
In cooking, a syrup or sirup is a thick, viscous liquid consisting primarily of a solution of sugar in water, containing a large amount of dissolved sugars but showing little tendency to deposit crystals. The viscosity arises from the multiple hydrogen bonds between the dissolved sugar, which has many hydroxyl (OH) groups, and the water. Syrups can be made by dissolving sugar in water or by reducing naturally sweet juices such as cane juice, sorghum juice, or maple sap.

Syrup is a thick, sweet liquid that is used as a topping, flavoring, or sweetener in food and drinks. It is typically made by dissolving sugar in water and heating the mixture to create a thick, syrupy consistency. Here are some examples of syrup and similar items:

  1. Maple syrup: made from the sap of maple trees, often used as a topping for pancakes, waffles, and French toast.
  2. Honey: a natural sweetener made by bees from flower nectar, often used as a spread or sweetener in tea and baked goods.
  3. Chocolate syrup: a thick, sweet liquid made from cocoa powder, sugar, and water, often used as a topping for ice cream and desserts.
  4. Caramel syrup: a thick, sweet liquid made by heating sugar until it caramelizes, often used as a topping for coffee and desserts.
  5. Agave syrup: a sweetener made from the sap of agave plants, often used as a natural alternative to sugar in baking and beverages.
  6. Fruit syrup: a sweet liquid made from fruit juice or puree, often used as a topping for pancakes, ice cream, and desserts.
  7. Simple syrup: a mixture of sugar and water that has been heated and cooled, often used as a sweetener in cocktails and other drinks.
  8. Corn syrup: a sweetener made from corn starch, often used as a thickening agent in baking and as a sweetener in processed foods.

Overall, syrups and similar items are versatile ingredients that can be used to add sweetness and flavor to a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

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