Cooked pressed cheese also known as firm cheese refers to
cheeses which originated from the Jura or the Alps where the mountain-dwellers traditionally produced a supply for the winter in the high mountain pastures.These are large cheeses, with a blond rind and a pale yellow interior that in some varieties is typically filled with holes.

Unlike uncooked pressed cheeses, the curd is heated for a long period before pressing. The ripening can last almost a year in cold and warm cellars during which time the holes form.

Food Pairing: These cheeses can be eaten with rusks and fruit

Can be paired with French wines like: lively white or astringent red, wine from the Jura, Pair Beaufort with a white Savoy wine, or a vin jaune from the Jura

Examples of these cheeses are: Cheddar, Colby, Emmental
Farmers' Gouda, Provolone, Beaufort, Comte and Gruyere