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Cookie in the food context refers to a small, sweet, baked treat that is popular in many cultures around the world. Typically made from ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, and butter or oil, cookies come in various sizes, shapes, and flavors, and may include other elements like chocolate chips, nuts, oatmeal, raisins, or candy pieces.


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Cookies are known for their crispy or chewy texture, which can be adjusted by altering the baking time and the proportions of ingredients. They are often consumed as a snack or dessert, commonly accompanied by milk, coffee, or tea. The simplicity of cookie recipes and the ease of customization make them a favorite among home bakers and professional chefs alike.

Application Areas

Cookies are versatile and can be served on various occasions:

  • Daily Snacks: Eaten between meals to satisfy hunger or for a quick energy boost.
  • Dessert Menus: Offered as a dessert option in restaurants, often accompanied by ice cream or a dipping sauce.
  • Special Occasions: Made for events like birthday parties, weddings, or holidays (such as Christmas cookies).
  • Gifts: Packaged and given as homemade gifts or in gourmet baskets during festive seasons.

Well-Known Examples

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: The classic American cookie made with chocolate chips as a crucial ingredient, often soft in the middle with a crunchy edge.
  • Sugar Cookies: Typically known for their smooth flavor and simplicity, often frosted with icing and used as holiday treats, especially popular during Christmas.
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: A healthier option that combines oatmeal and raisins for a chewy texture.
  • Macarons: A sophisticated type of cookie made with almond flour, sugar, and egg whites, commonly filled with a variety of ganache or buttercream.

Treatment and Risks

Making and consuming cookies involves several considerations:

  • Dietary Restrictions: Cookies can be made gluten-free, vegan, or nut-free to accommodate various dietary needs.
  • Health Considerations: Traditional cookies are high in sugar and fat; however, substitutions can be made for a healthier version, such as using whole wheat flour or reducing the sugar content.
  • Allergies: Common ingredients in cookies, such as peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy, are typical allergens that need to be clearly indicated when selling or serving cookies.

Similar Terms

  • Biscuit (UK and Commonwealth): Generally refers to a variety of hard or crisp dry baked products. The term "biscuit" in these regions covers what Americans consider both a cookie and a cracker.
  • Shortbread: A type of biscuit traditional to Scotland, made with sugar, butter, and flour, known for its crumbly texture and simplicity.


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In culinary terms, a cookie is a delightful baked good that enjoys global popularity due to its delicious taste and infinite variety. Whether served as a simple snack, part of a dessert, or as a festive treat, cookies are a staple in many cultures’ diets. With the ability to customize ingredients, they can be enjoyed by just about anyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences.


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