Glossary C

Chakkakuru also spelled Chakka Kuru is the Malayalam term for Jackfruit seeds.

Chakka is Jackfruit in English. In Kerala, India, all the different parts of Jackfruit can be made into a delicious dish, such as the seeds, the raw and ripe meat and the white part which surrounds the meat which are made into fritters.

Picture below is uncooked Chakkakuru which is called Buto ng Langka in the Philippines.

Buto and Langka, is the Filipino word for Seed and Jackfruit, respectively.

In Allepey, Kerala, India, I saw that Chakkakuru are available for sale in many variety shops. Hence, they are always available even without buying Chakka. The first time, I saw them displayed in a variety shop, I was amazed, later I realized they are made into savory dishes.

Cherupayaru Payasam also spelled Cheru Payaru Payasam and also called Payar Payasam refers to a sweet dessert which can be served as snacks or breakfast food is one of the dishes from Kerala, India. It is made from Cherupayaru which is known in English as  Mung Bean, Moong Beans, Green Gram (Whole) with jaggery (Sharkara), coconut milk or plain milk, Cardamom powder ( and cashew nuts

Sometimes, some housewives cook Cherupayaru Payasam with condensed milk for extra creaminess. Fresh coconut milk can also be susbtituted with Coconut milk in cans or Powdered coconut milk which are now available in groceries and foodshops all over the world.

Cherupayaru is called Munggo in Tagalog, one of the dialects of the Philippines. (Please see article Ginisang Munggo)

Below is a picture of a simple and plain version of Cherupayaru Payasam without cashew nuts 

The Chrupayaru Payasam below is with additional Cashew Nuts and Raisins

Cheemeen/Cheemen/Chemeen Olarthiyathu (Shrimp Stir-Fry) refers to one of the foods from Kerala, India. It is made of shelled shrimps or prawns  stir-fried  or  cooked with plenty of sliced onions and lots of spices sucn as turmeric, cumin, black mustand seeds (Kadugu), Masala and of course Curry leaves .

Cashew Apple is the name of the Cashew fruit in Kerala, India. Cashew nut which is a by-product of Cashew fruit is an  important product from Kerala. The nuts is an important ingredient for their sweets called Payasam and they are also sold as fried with salt or with or without Masala powder.

Picture below is a Cashew Tree in Allepey, Kerala, India  full of  unripened Cashew Apple or Cashew

Fully riped Cashew Fruit or Cashew Apple
Fully riped Cashew Fruit or Cashew Apple

Scenes in Munnar, Kerala, India near the Echo Point, an old man selling Plain and Masala-flavored Cashew Nuts. It was my breakfast during that cold nice early morning at Echo Point. I felt blessed. I enjoyed talking to the old vendor even if we didnt understand each other, first time I experienced to hear a real echo, I was able to travel to Munnar thru a motorbike and got to taste the delicious Masala-flavored Cashew nuts from Kerala, which the state is also famous for

Me... tasting the Masala-flavored Cashew Nuts
Me... tasting the Masala-flavored Cashew Nuts


Me... having Masala-flavored Cashew Nuts for breakfast at Echo Point




Cross Buns refer to an Easter Bread/Bun with a symbol of a cross on top which are prepared by many households during Maundy Thursday (Pesaha Vyazham) in  Kerala, India. Some are distributed or given away  by those who can afford to prepare some pieces and give it away to neighbors starting at Maundy Thursday

It is said to be called also as Pesaha Bun because it is generally made on Maundy Thursday (Pesaha Vyazham in Malayalam).


Charlas also spelled Charllas or Saarlas refers to South Indian salad made from mixture of slices of fresh cucumber tomatoes, onions, chilies  and curd. Some are also using Vinegar as dressing instead of curd. 

Charlas is also known as Kuchember or Kachumber. (please see also article and photo of Kuchember)

Below are pictures of plain Charlas with just small slices of onions, tomatoes and cucumber and Charlas with curd which is often prepared as part of a meal for important occassions in Kerala, such as Wedding, first Communions and other important festivals .

Below is a set of meal served in a paper plate during a Wedding party in Allepey, Kerala, India with Biryani, Beef Masala and Charlas



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