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- Cheru Payaru Parippu Thoran / Cheruparippu Thoran :

Cheru Payaru Parippu Thoran or Cheruparippu Thoran is a dish from Kerala, India made from Mung beans stir-fried in fresh grated coconut, onions, spices and Curry leaves.

It is one of the many dishes called Thoran in Kerala. (Please see related article on Thoran)

Mung beans is called Cheru Payaru, Cherupayru and Cherupayaru Parippu in Malayalam. They are available in whole or spilitted versions. and green and yellow colors. In Allepey, a district in Kerala, it is one of the cheapest beans available in the markets.

Below is a picture of a tasty Cheru Payaru Parippu Thoran. Very similar to the Philippines Ginisang Munggo except that in the Philippines, we dont use Kadugu (mustard seeds) and Curry Leavs, but some are also adding Coconut milk (called Gata in Filipino) when cooking Ginisang Munggo.

Cheera Thoran is one of the dishes from Kerala, India, Spinach (Cheera) stir-fried in grated Coconut, lots of spices and Curry leaves.

Thoran which is called Poriyal in Tamil Nadu is a dry vegetable side dish with coconut added to it. Moreover, Thoran is sauteed or stir-fried vegetables or mixed vegetables with grated coconut . It is a part of Sadya. (Please see related article on Thoran)

Thoran as I have already told you is a vegetable based stir fry which contains finely chopped vegetables with grated coconut. It makes use of very few ingredients, the main ingredients are finely chopped vegetables, shallots, curry leaves

Cheera is the Malayalam word for Spinach and this Thoran prepared by my friend in Allepey, Kerala, India was made from Red Spinach or Chuvanna Cheera

Shown above picture is my Aunt Lily cutting the Cheera finely.

Picture below is the finished product, a delicious Cheera Thoran

Cabbage (Muttakoos/Muttakoose) and Papaya Thoran is a mixed vegetable Thoran. It is made from finely chopped Muttakoos (Cabbage) and grated green Papaya stir-fried with grated coconut, lots of spices and Curry leaves. It is one of the traditional dishes from the Southern Indian state of Kerala

Thoran is a dry vegetable side dish with coconut added to it. It is a vegetable-based stir-fry made from finely chopped or cut vegetables cooked with grated coconut on it. Moreover, Thoran is sauteed or stir-fried vegetables or mixed (2 or more) vegetables with grated coconut. It is a part of Sadya. (Please see related article on Thoran).

Muttakoos/Muttakoose is the Malayalam word for Cabbage. But they mostly call it in its English name.

Cabbage (Muttakoos/Muttakoose) and Papaya Thoran is also called Cabbage (Muttakoos/Muttakoose) and Papaya Poriyal in Tamil Nadu, another State in Southern India.

Below is a picture of Cabbage (Muttakoos/Muttakoose) and Papaya Thoran prepared in Allepey, Kerala, India. I can see the Curry leaves, I am missing it on my food.

Chakkakuru also spelled Chakka Kuru is the Malayalam term for Jackfruit seeds.

Chakka is Jackfruit in English. In Kerala, India, all the different parts of Jackfruit can be made into a delicious dish, such as the seeds, the raw and ripe meat and the white part which surrounds the meat which are made into fritters.

Picture below is uncooked Chakkakuru which is called Buto ng Langka in the Philippines.

Buto and Langka, is the Filipino word for Seed and Jackfruit, respectively.

In Allepey, Kerala, India, I saw that Chakkakuru are available for sale in many variety shops. Hence, they are always available even without buying Chakka. The first time, I saw them displayed in a variety shop, I was amazed, later I realized they are made into savory dishes.

Cherupayaru Payasam also spelled Cheru Payaru Payasam and also called Payar Payasam refers to a sweet dessert which can be served as snacks or breakfast food is one of the dishes from Kerala, India. It is made from Cherupayaru which is known in English as Mung Bean, Moong Beans, Green Gram (Whole) with jaggery (Sharkara), coconut milk or plain milk, Cardamom powder ( and cashew nuts

Sometimes, some housewives cook Cherupayaru Payasam with condensed milk for extra creaminess. Fresh coconut milk can also be susbtituted with Coconut milk in cans or Powdered coconut milk which are now available in groceries and foodshops all over the world.

Cherupayaru is called Munggo in Tagalog, one of the dialects of the Philippines. (Please see article Ginisang Munggo)

Below is a picture of a simple and plain version of Cherupayaru Payasam without cashew nuts

The Chrupayaru Payasam below is with additional Cashew Nuts and Raisins

Cheemeen/Cheemen/Chemeen Olarthiyathu (Shrimp Stir-Fry) refers to one of the foods from Kerala, India. It is made of shelled shrimps or prawns stir-fried or cooked with plenty of sliced onions and lots of spices sucn as turmeric, cumin, black mustand seeds (Kadugu), Masala and of course Curry leaves.

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