In the food context, "dinner" typically refers to the main meal of the day, often eaten in the evening.

Here are some examples of what dinner might consist of:

  1. A protein source like grilled chicken, fish, or steak
  2. A starch like rice, pasta, or potatoes
  3. A vegetable or salad, like steamed broccoli or a mixed greens salad
  4. A sauce or dressing, like a tomato sauce or vinaigrette

Here are some similar things to dinner:

  1. Lunch - a midday meal that is often less formal than dinner and typically consists of lighter fare
  2. Brunch - a late morning meal that combines elements of breakfast and lunch
  3. Supper - a less formal evening meal that is often simpler than dinner and may consist of leftovers or sandwiches
  4. Banquet - a large and formal meal, often for a special occasion or celebration, that typically consists of multiple courses and elaborate dishes.

While these meals may share some similarities with dinner, they often differ in terms of timing, formality, and the types of dishes served.

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