Xiao long bao also called "soup dumpling" refers to a northern Chinese steamed pork dumpling with a smooth skin containing minced/ground pork and a small amount of soup. The dumplings (Xiao long bao) are often dipped into black vinegar and sliced ginger before eating.

Xiao long bao  which is a  northern Chinese invention, consists of a mound of marinated minced pork wrapped inside paper-thin dough skin. The dumpling is sealed on top with a series of folds tied into a knot. Afterward, the dumplings are steamed and during the process of steaming, the juice of the meat ooze out and form a “soup” within the dumpling. Chefs from various restaurants and eateries serving Xiao long bao agree that the secret to a perfect dumpling is the ratio of meat to skin and the freshness of the ingredients. They also maintain that good Xiao long bao must have skin that is very thin yet strong enough to hold the meat and broth/juice without breaking.

Based on the Chinese-English Dictionary, Xiao means small or little; long (lng) means basket or container or food steamer and bao means wrap, bundle, package

Personal Note: Similar to the Siomai of the Philippine, however, the Siomai is not juicy enough, especially when it is not eaten at once after steaming.