Fructose refers to the sweetest of all the simple sugars (e.g., glucose, fructose, galactose).

Fruits contain between 1 and 7% fructose, although some fruits have much higher amounts.

Fructose makes up about 40% of the dry weight of honey. It is also available in crystalline form, but its sweetness rapidly declines when dissolved in water. Fructose is also known as levulose and fruit sugar.

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"Fructose" is in the HS Code "1702.60"
  - - Other Fructose and fructose syrup, containing in the dry state more than 50 \% by weight of fructose, excluding invert sugar
   Fructose (excl. chemically pure fructose) & fructose syrup, cont. in the dry state >50\% by wt. of fr ...

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