Tinumok refers to a dish from the Philippines, particularly from the Bicol Region made from Gabi known in English as Taro leaves filled with mixture of shrimps, flaked fish or fish, young coconut ,onion, shrimp paste and boiled in coconut milk spiced with ginger, chili and lemon grass.

Tinumok can also be made using meat (pork or chicken) rolled in Taro (Gabi in Filipino) leaves and cooked with coconut milk. This dish is almost similar to Laing and Pinangat which is also made from the leaves of Taro.

Tinumok, like any other Philippines dishes has many variations, considering that the Philippines is made up of many Regions and each Region has its own version of the dish. Tinumok is called Tinuktok and Pinangat in some Visayan Regions, like Iloilo.

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