I have presented to you in a gallery my everyday heroes in the Philippines, the roaming food vendors. Now, it is time for me to show you another part of Asia where food vendors also roam around to bring food on the table .. rain or shine.

I was blessed enough to visit South of India, particularly Kerala and Tamil Nadu. I hope that you will get to enjoy this part of the everyday scenes in India.

the 2 pictures below were pictures made inside the train from Alleppey to Chennai. This old man was selling hot tea carrying a traditional tin container of hot tea to train passengers on a train station stopover

In Chennai, on my first day of city walk, I met this friendly lemon juice vendor. Just see how nice he were no matter how hot it was. Fresh lemons are squeezed right in front of the customers. He was so gracious to make a photo with me even though I did not buy.

The picture above was taken in Munnar, Kerala. The old man is selling red onions from his mobile shop along the main street of Munnar

Picture below is in Kanniyakumari in the heat of the night. This young boy is selling Kulfi (ice cream) and cold Badam, almond milk

The 2 pictures above were taken in Kanniyakumari, Tamil Nadu, where mobile stores are set up in the night selling assorted fruits and snacks, like boiled corn, slices of fresh watermelon and green mangoes. I go for boiled corn as always.

Below is a roaming fish vendor complete with umbrella- like cap to protect him from the rain and heat of the sun just to bring his goods around to the waiting people.