Manchatti also called Manchatty, Meenchatti or simply Chatti is the Malayalam  word  for the special vessel that the Malayalee use to prepare the fish (meen) curry.  Meenchatti literally means Meen means fish and Chatti means vessel in Malayalam  and is made from mud which is said to add to the  special flavor to Kerala fish curry.


The picture below are Manchattis being sold during one of the biggest Church Festivals in Allepey, Kerala, India.





Manchatti are earthenware pots used to make fish curry in Kerala, the traditonal way. Every household in Kerala owns at least one of this pots which makes the taste of Meen Curry (Fish Curry) more tasty

Manchatti also  means flat earthern claypot or clay pot where Kerala  traditionally cook their Fish Curry or Meen Curry.

Meen Curry being cooked in Manchatti/Meenchatti




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