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Quesadas Pasiegos refer to cakes with sheep’s cheese, one of Cantabria's desserts. Cantabria is one of the regions of Spain.

Queso Jalapeño refers to a semi-soft Mexican cheese. It is a smooth, soft white cow's milk cheese with bits of Jalapeño Chili in it which is served as a snack or used to make Quesadillas.

Queso Oaxaca refers to a fairly fresh, string cheese which is a product of the hills of that state in southern Mexico. It is a Mexican cheese similar to Mozzarella. Moreover, Queso Oaxaca is also known as Quesillo, this is by far the most popular cheese for making Quesadillas. It is a stretched curd cheese, kneaded and wound into balls. It should be pulled apart into thin strings before using to fill tortillas or melted on cooked food. Mozzarella or string cheese can be used in its place

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Quechua is one of the languages spoken in Bolivia. 21.2 % of the people in Bolivia speak Quechua, next to Spanish. Some of the traditional foods in Bolivia are named in Quechua, like Pejtu, Qoqo.

Quarkbällchen refers to a pastry from Germany that is made from flour mixed with Quark (curd, soft white curd) which are as big as a gold ball drizzled with sugar. It is mostly fried.

Quetsch is a plum schnapps which is one of the popular alcoholic beverages from Saarland, Germany.

Saarland is not only producing alcoholic beverages and wines, it is also one of the major producers of high quality fruit juices in Germany.