English: Ghee / Deutsch: Ghee / Español: Ghee / Português: Ghee / Français: Ghee / Italiano: Ghee / Indian: Neyi

Ghee is a Hindi word that refers to clarified butter
It is made from farm Fresh Milk under highly hygienic conditions.

The golden yellow colour and pleasant aroma are the marks of its quality. Enjoy the wholesome experience of taste and flavour. It is nutritious and contains essential vitamins A and E


Ghee is a type of clarified butter that is commonly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is made by simmering butter to remove the milk solids, resulting in a rich, nutty flavor and a high smoke point. Ghee has a golden color and a smooth, creamy texture that adds richness to dishes. It is often used in cooking, baking, and frying to enhance the flavor of dishes.

Application Areas

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Frying
  • Sauces and soups
  • Marinades

Treatment and Risks

  • Ghee is generally safe for consumption, but individuals with dairy allergies should avoid it.
  • Like other fats, ghee is high in calories and should be consumed in moderation to prevent weight gain.
  • If ghee is consumed in excess, it can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.
  • Some people may experience digestive issues, such as bloating or diarrhea, when consuming ghee.


  • Adding ghee to rice dishes for a rich and nutty flavor
  • Using ghee in making Indian desserts like halwa or ladoo
  • Sautéing vegetables in ghee for a flavorful side dish
  • Spreading ghee on toast or naan bread for a delicious topping

Similar Concepts and Synonyms

  • Clarified Butter
  • Desi Ghee
  • Butter Oil
  • Indian Butter
  • Homemade Butter

Articles with 'Ghee' in the title

  • Usli Ghee: Usli Ghee refers to Indian pure clarified butter. In Indian homes, Usli Ghee is very expensive for everday coooking, hence, vegetable shortening also called Ghee is usually used instead of Usli Ghee.


Ghee is a type of clarified butter commonly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine for its rich flavor and high smoke point. It can be used in cooking, baking, frying, and as a topping for various dishes. While generally safe for consumption, it should be consumed in moderation to avoid health risks associated with excess fat intake.


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