Glossary X

The food glossary +++ 'Xianrou', 'Xatò', 'Xerem'
Xeres vinegar is a kind of wine vinegar that has the rich, nutty flavor of a fortified wine.

Xiekehuang is one of snacks in Shanghai, China which are

Xoi chien phong which is a special food in South Vietnam is known also as "Bloating fried sticky rice". It is made of lump of sticky rice which is as big as grapefruit. It is usually

- Xoi nuoc dua (with Recipe) : Xoi nuoc dua is a Vietnamese dessert made of sweet rice with coconut.

Ximenia refers tp a small plant found in hot climates that bears a fruit known as the mountain plum or Wild lime.

Xinotiri refers to a soft, sour regional Cheese from Crete.