Hong is a Vietnamese term meaning "persimmon".

Vietnam has many kinds of persimmon such as: (1) "My" which has a yellow fruit; and (2) "Cado" with small fruit. Persimmon is famous for providing a lot of sugar and vitamin A. Persimmon fruits contain as much vitamin C as oranges and tangerines, and their pulp does not have a sour taste.
Persimmon can be either round or in the shape of a heart. Persimmon fruits are divided into two kinds: bitter and sweet. Bitter persimmon fruits are edible when they are green and hard, but is very sweet when the fruit is ripe. The fruit of sweet persimmon are always sweet, even when green and hard.
In North Vietname, persimmon is grown widely; the most popular varieties include Lang persimmon in Lang Son and Hac persimmon in Hac Tri. In the south, persimmon can only be planted in the highlands of Dalat.
In Oriental medicine, persimmon is considered effective to reduce high blood pressure and relieve abdominal pain. Persimmon trees can be trimmed into ornamental trees.

Hong is known as Sharon in Israel and Kaki in Japan and China. 

Persimmon, Kaki, Sharon, Hong

Persimmon, Sharon, Kaki, Hong

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