- The Spice Man and Me :

We are starting here a new category about our experiences about food and culture of other countries while travelling. I came from the Philippines and now lives in Germany, I was blessed enough to travel around the world and get to exposed to a lot of food and culture of other countries. I hope that this new category in our food glossary will give also give you insights and get to enjoy and travel with me through food.

Below is one of the best experiences I had while travelling to the south of India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I met a man selling different kinds of spices and talked to me about the different spices he is selling in English, especially how to mix different spices to make Masala tea which I have grown to love while In India. And not only that, I was so surprised that he can speak 4 languages, Malayalam, French, German and English and can sell his spices in these languages. This spice man, has been out there on the side streets of Allepey, Kerala talking to many buyers from all over the world about his spices and how to mix them together to come out with different taste. He knows a lot about the spices he is selling; it made me happy. I was able to taste the Masala tea from the many spices he mixed for me. I hope to meet him again, one day and teach me how to make the best Cardamom tea.

Spice Man from Kerala, India