Masala-Flavored Noodles

Masala Noodles... you saved me while I was travelling to the southern part of India. Eating spicy foods is so good, but after 15 days , I started to miss eating foods without spices. Finding food I used to eat  regularly is hard even in restaurants in Alllepey (Kerala) where I stayed most of my time while in India. Most of them sell Indian southern foods. But I found noodles in small food shops (variety stores) selling noodles , but lo and behold , even noodles are masala-flavored to fit the taste of the people. But I have grown to love you..Masala noodles. I survived some days travelling around by asking some food shop owners to just serve me these ready to cook noodles. Masala-flavored noodles, I am missing you. I brought several packs on my way home to the Philippines for an extended vacation and on my way to Germany, but now I have eaten all and start to miss you. I am now searching for Indian food shops, I hope I find you there.


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