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Kurumulaku Pappas refers to a Kuttanad specialty made from mixture of thinly sliced Cabbage, Tomatoes, Green and Red Chilies and Curd, a bit of Salt and the basic ingredient which is Black Pepper, hence its name.

Kurumulaku is the Malayalam word for Black Pepper.

Kuttanad is a region in the Allepey, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam Districts, in the southern state of Kerala, India known as the rice bowl of Kerala.

I have not found in my research a recipe for Kurumulaku Pappas, but this dish was originally prepared during a reunion in Kuttanad of my "second family" in Kerala during a harvest season in Kuttanad.

Below is a clear picture of this seemingly delicious and refreshing soup-like Curry made basically from Kurumulaku or Black Pepper


Kadugu also spelled as Kaduku is the Malayalam word for Mustard seeds usually the Black Mustard Seeds which is one of the important spices in Kerala Cuisine. Kadugu is always present in almost all dishes prepared in Kerala, India.

My family friends in Allepey, a district in Allepey always used Kadugu when cooking their dishes, like Sambar, Thoran , and stir-fry dishes which you will see in many of the pictures of the dishes I posted here from Kerala. Those little black seeds which you will see are Kadugu

I have brought some of them from my trip to Kerala so I can also cook some of the dishes I learned during my trip. It is available in some Asian shops in Germany, but mostly the Brown Mustard seeds. I brought in an Asian shop in Bremen a brown-colored Kadugu and I am using now to cook my sauteed vegetables.

Below is a packed of Kadugu, the Black Mustard Seeds from Allepey, Kerala, India.

An example of a dish from Kerala using Kadugu is a Thoran, see below those little black seeds in Papaya Thoran

Kadugu Manga Achar / Achaar refers to a variety of pickles from Kerala, India which is made from green , tender green Mangoes and Kadugu (Black Mustard seeds) cooked with spices, such as Turmeric and Cumin, Red Chili Pepper and of course Kadugu, Shallots/onions, Vinegar and Curry Leaves (Please see related article on Achar / Achaar)

Kadugu is also spelled sometimes as Kaduku which is the Malayalam term for Black Mustard Seeds.

This Kadugu Manga Achar with picture below is one of the special Achar (Pickles) prepared during the Hindu wedding of one of the members of my second family in Allepey, Kerala, India.

Kakka Erachi Achar is pickles made from the meat or flesh or river Clams. It is an expensive Pickles in Kerala, India since it is seldom that fresh Clam meats are sold in the markets. But there are some shops producing special delicious Kakka Erachi Achar in small plastic containers.

Kakka Erachi is cooked like any other Achars in Kerala, India. (Please see related article on Achar/Achaar)

Kakka Erachi is also spelled Kaaka Irachi, Kakka Irachi

I was given twice bottles of Kakka Erachi Achar from Allepey and both are really delicious and not tasting fishy at all. It is good to eat it with hot rice and the more spicy it is the more it taste good. Im blessed to have a second family in Allepey, Kerala, India, I got to taste these special dishes even I am far away from them, below, I am sharing you my Kakka Erachi from Allepey. One day, I hope, I can taste them again.

Kadu Manga/Kadumanga Achar/Achaar is the Malayalam term for mango pickles made with cubes of fresh, tender, unripe mangoes made into a pickle by cooking the mangoes with lots of spices, such as Kadugu (Black Mustard seeds), red chili powder, Turmeric, Kaluva Podi ( Fenugreek powder), Kaayam Podi (Asafoetida powder), Vinegar and Curry leaves.

Kadu Manga or Kadumanga Achar is also called Manga Achar or Uppillittuthu in Malayalam, the language spoken in Kerala.

Ready-made Pickling or Pickle Powder is also available in almost foodshops in Kerala. It is made from various spices and it is only needed to be added to the food to be pickled. This is the one which was recommended to me by my family friend to cook my own pickle when I go back to Germany.

I love all pickles served to me while I was in Allepey, Kerala, but my favorite is Kadu Manga Achar. It will always bring back happy memories, since it is one foods served to me on my first lunch with my second family in Allepey.

This is my very own version of Kadu Manga Achar using the Pickle powder I brought home from Allepey, Kerala, India and the Philippines variety of Raw /green Mango.

Kappioka/Kappiokka/Kappa Varuthath/Varuthathu refers to Indian savory snacks made from Cassava. They are formed like noodles and flavored with different spices, such as Masala powder and Curry leaves. They are also cooked as sweet snacks by adding sugar or Jaggery to the noodle-like snacks. They are deep-fried in Coconut Oil that make these snacks more delicious and tasty.

Noodle-like sweet and savory snacks are popular in India. They are also added to a savory mixture of nuts and Sev called "Mixture" in Kerala, India.

Kappioka/Kappiokka/Kappa Varuthath/Varuthathu simply means fried Cassava in different types and forms, like this noodle-shaped snacks

Here are the pictures of 2 kinds of Kappioka/Kappa Varuthath/Varuthathu which were one of the many sweet and savory snacks sold during Christmas midnight masses held in many churches in Kerala, India.

This is the sweet version of Kappa Varithathu
This is the sweet version of Kappa Varuthathu above with green coloring
The savory version of Kappa Varithathu flavored with Masala called Masala Kappa/Kappiokka Varithathu
The savory version of Kappa Varuthathu flavored with Masala called Masala Kappa/Kappioka Varuthathu