Kakang Gata is Filipino words which literally means "first coconut milk" but actually refers to the "first extraction" of coconut milk done  from squezzing grounded matured coconut meat (Niyog).  It is thicker than the second extraction of coconut milk. Most of the tradional sweets and desserts avalaible in the Philippines use Kakang Gata because it is lot more creamy than the second extraction.  


Kakang Gata is available in canned variety and is labeled as "Coconut Cream". It is usually available in the baking section of major supermarkets in the Philippines. 


Note: In the Philippines, there are 2 kinds of coconut, the young coconut and matured coconut. The young coconut which is called Buco (Buko) is usually used for eating fresh or  as in from the husk together with the coconut water as a refreshing juice , and another variety is the Niyog or matured coconut milk used for extracting coconut milk/cream.


In Germany, Coconut Cream is available in Asian section of major supermarkets and many Asian food shops around the country. 


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