Glossary K

The food glossary +++ 'Kalkag', 'Kakang Gata', 'Kamias'

Karisik Dondurma / Karisik Dondurma is the Turkish term for "mixed ice cream "; mixture of different flavors of ice cream.

Kenkey refers to hot peppers and fried fish, eaten mostly in the Accra region of Ghana.

Koba refers to a popular snack from Madagascar which is made from a mushy blend of rice, banana, and peanut. Koba is the national snack of Madagascar and locals seem to eat it at all and any time.

Kolachky refers to Croatian filled butter cookies

- Kelapa Parut Kasar : Kelapa Parut Kasar refers to "shredded coconut" in Indonesia.

- Kelapa Parut Halus : Kelapa Parut Halus refers to " Fine dsesicated Coconut in Indonesia.