Glossary K

The food glossary +++ 'Kissaten', 'Kip-Kap', 'Kamias'

Kaupfelagi refer to the name for Icelandic cooperative supermarkets which are offering reasonable food prices. A good place for tourists to buy food.

Koefa refers to Iceland's simmered meat generally lamb, occasionally veal which are ground then packed into a loaf mold with some of the broth. The jelled chilled loaf is sliced to serve.

Ice Pick refers to a kitchen tool with a single long, needle-like metal shaft stemming from a weighted handle, and used to chip pieces of ice from large blocks.

Kacang Buncis refer to "French beans" in Malaysia.

Kacang Dal refer to "Lentils" in Malaysia. There are so many varieties, some lentils are colored green, red and yellow.

Kulit Kayu Manis refers to "Cinnamon" in Malaysia.