Kambingan refers to a local eateries selling goat dishes. It is located in Pampanga specifically in Bayanihan Park in Angeles City. These are a small row of restaurants/eateries which serve different dishes made of goat meat.

The Kambingan was one of the places visited by Anthony Bourdain when he visited the Philippines to sample its food for his show. In these Kambingan, they serve the famous goat dishes such as Kalderetang Kambing, Pinapaitan, Sinigang na Kambing and Kilawin, among others. This is a place to try for Filipino traditional dishes when visiting the Philippines I would be home soon and I hope that I will be able to find time to visit different places in the Philippines where food is at its best. I would like to go back to Iloilo and Cebu and maybe I can go around Laguna for a food tour and Bisita Iglesia (Church Visit). I am sure my sister would love to join me, my only problem is I am on diet.

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