Khosh Ma-Ze means delicious in Iranian. If you want to lift up the spirit of the cook or the chef, when you enjoy what they cook or not, just remember these words "Khosh Ma-Ze".

'Khosh Ma-Ze' is a Persian phrase that is often used in the context of food to express appreciation for a delicious meal or dish. Here are a few examples of how it can be used:

  • "This is the best kebab I've ever had! Khosh Ma-Ze!"
  • "I can't stop eating this tahdig. Khosh Ma-Ze, mom!"
  • "Wow, this ash-e reshteh is so flavorful. Khosh Ma-Ze to the chef!"

In addition to being used as a compliment for delicious food, 'Khosh Ma-Ze' can also be used to express gratitude to the host or chef who prepared the meal. It is a common phrase in Iranian culture and is often said at the end of a meal to show appreciation.


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