Deutsch: Brotfrucht / Indian: Kada Chakka, Cheema Chakka
Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is a species of flowering tree in the mulberry family, Moraceae, growing throughout Southeast Asia and most Pacific Ocean islands. It is also grown in the Leeward Islands and Windward Islands of the Caribbean. Its name is derived from the texture of the cooked fruit, which has a potato-like flavor, similar to freshly baked bread.

Breadfruit is a starchy tropical fruit that is commonly used in Caribbean, Pacific Islander, and African cuisines. It is similar in texture and flavor to potato and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Here are some examples of how breadfruit is used in food:

  1. Fried breadfruit: Slices of breadfruit that are fried until crispy, often served as a side dish or snack.

  2. Breadfruit chips: Thin slices of breadfruit that are deep-fried until crispy, often served as a snack.

  3. Breadfruit salad: A salad made with diced breadfruit, vegetables, and a vinaigrette dressing.

  4. Breadfruit curry: A curry made with breadfruit, coconut milk, and spices, often served as a main dish.

  5. Breadfruit porridge: A sweet porridge made with breadfruit, milk, sugar, and spices.

Other foods that are similar to breadfruit include:

  1. Jackfruit: A large tropical fruit that is often used in vegetarian and vegan dishes as a meat substitute due to its texture.

  2. Plantain: A starchy banana-like fruit that is often used in Caribbean and Latin American cuisines, often fried or boiled and served as a side dish.

  3. Cassava: Also known as yucca or manioc, cassava is a starchy root vegetable that is commonly used in Latin American and African cuisines.

  4. Sweet potato: A root vegetable that is similar in texture and sweetness to breadfruit, often used in sweet and savory dishes.

  5. Yuca: A starchy root vegetable that is commonly used in Latin American and Caribbean cuisines, often boiled or fried and served as a side dish.

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