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Kada one of the sweet treats from the country of Georgia which is a traditional flaky pastry filled with butter and sugar.


Kada is a traditional Indian dessert made with wheat flour, ghee, and sugar. It is typically prepared during festive occasions and celebrations. The ingredients are cooked together until they form a thick, sweet mixture. Kada is then shaped into small balls or squares and garnished with nuts or dried fruits. It has a rich and indulgent flavor, making it a popular choice for serving guests or enjoying as a special treat.

Application Areas

  • Indian festivals and celebrations
  • Special occasions and gatherings
  • Traditional dessert for weddings

Treatment and Risks

  • Overconsumption of kada can lead to weight gain
  • Excessive sugar content in kada can be harmful for individuals with diabetes
  • May contain allergens such as nuts or dairy, causing reactions in sensitive individuals


  • Kada balls garnished with almonds and pistachios
  • Kada squares topped with coconut flakes

Similar Concepts and Synonyms

  • Atta ladoo
  • Gulgula
  • Wheat flour fudge


Kada is a traditional Indian dessert made with wheat flour, ghee, and sugar, enjoyed during festive occasions and celebrations. It is a rich and indulgent treat, often shaped into balls or squares and garnished with nuts or dried fruits.


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