Hangwa refers to Korean traditional sweets. There are many types of traditional Korean sweets and cookies and they vary according to ingredients and preparation method. Hangwa is traditional Korean sweets and cookies. It is made of rice or wheat flour dough mixed with honey, yeot, and sugar and then deep-fried. It is also made by simmering fruits and plants’ roots in honey syrup until they are glazed. It is also called as Jogwa, which means cookies made of natural produce by adding artificial flavor. Koreans always prepare Hangwa for festive occasions and a variety of special occasions, but nowadays, they are usually enjoyed as a dessert. There are diverse kinds of han-gwa, such as yakgwa , gangjeong, dasik, and yeot-gangjeong, and so on. Yakgwa is made from wheat powder mixed with honey and oil and is pan-fried. Gangjeong is made of sticky rice powder mixed with honey and wine, which is steamed, dried, and fried. Dasik is made from the powder of rice, chestnut, and pine pollen kneaded with honey and pressed into molds. Yeot-gangjeong is made of peanuts, sesame, and walnuts mixed with the yeot (sweet wheat gluten).
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